Sri Lanka 2011

The 23th of October to 30th October 2011 were me and some others on visits to Sri Lanka to look at the various aid projects.The trip was organized by We Effect. We visited both projects going on for sometime and projects not yet started. We got to experience so much that is so very hard to imagine unless you see it with my own eyes.The journey has certainly influenced our thinking and our values ​​for life.


Sometimes I am met by the question whether there is any point to donate money to charities. I can now answer without hesitation that all the money makes a big advantage and makes a difference

"Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something".

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Bildspel med Foton från Sri Lanka:

School in Nellikaadu near the town of Batticaloa on the north-eastern Sri Lanka.There is a school that is waiting for support from SCC.The school was built in1973 and since then nothing has been done or changed. The more than130 students share three classrooms, and there is very little school desks and chairs so most people will sit on the floor. Books and stationery is a great shortage as well as other teaching materials. SCC hopes to start a project here as soon as they get enough money.

School inTalawai which also is located close to Batticaloa town in northeastern Sri Lanka. There is a school supported by SCC.There are desks and chairs for every 330 students. The school has trained teachers and students have books and stationery. Right now a construction of three new school-room is supported by SCC. We recived a Royal welcome when we arrived to this school.

About Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka is a country where much of the population is very poor and need help to live a decent life. The country often find themselves in the shadow of other parts of the world as also help need such countries in Africa. It is obviously very difficult to prioritize where money for various aid projects to be sent when 1 billion people on earth live below the extreme poverty (<$ 1.25 / day).

Sri Lanka civil war between 1983 and 2009. The great tsunami hit even this country in 2004 with over 35,000 dead. During December 2010 and in January 2011, it rained almost continuously for 4 weeks with severe flooding as a result.